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So today my post is a little different then usual.. Since a lot of schools just had their first day yesterday I thought I would do a s=back to school supplies, but this could also be useful for people who started last week like me. I know that I forgot a ton at home when I moved into my apartment (I still haven’t gotten everything!). This is just a short list of 10 things that I think is important to have for going back to college.

1) Lily Pulitzer agenda

This is my absolute favorite school supply and the most essential in my opinion. I am a true believer in writing everything that is due down. With my luck I would completely forget! Out of all the planners I’ve had the large size  (not jumbo) is the one that fits me the best. It has plenty of space in the daily calendar and a great notes section… and of course they have a great sticker page and a bunch of other cutesy things. 🙂 This is actually the planner I bought for this school year, this was my favorite pattern and they only had it in the bounded covered spiral version.

2) Highlighters

Highlighters are always a necessity in my book. I think that everyone has found out about the wonders of the multicolored highlighters by now. The Sharpie brand is my favorite, I feel that they have less ink bleed and what not. There isn’t really anything else to add to this.

3) North Face Book Bag

I think book bags are the way to go… no cutesy shoulder bags or anything. I find that they hurt my shoulders too much.. and I have a ton of books and binders and my laptop so the bag stretches out too. The most reliable book bag for me has been a North Face. I still use the same one I got junior year of high school and it is still in almost perfect condition… even after me over stuffing it semester after semester!

4) Note Cards

If you saw my stock pile of note cards you would think I was a hoarder… This is the absolute best study method for me ever! I always keep a pack in my book bag, numerous in my room, and countless at home ( they were marked down on a huge sale a few years ago..) As for studying I found that for me rewriting my notes a day or two after class and then making flash cards and studying a little every day is the most efficient way to study.

5) Kate Spade Pencils

You will always need pencils for school and everyday life.. so why not get these absolutely adorable pencils?! They are so cute and I just had to put it on my list! 😉

6) Lilly Pulitzer Pens

I love these pens! These are the only ones I use for note taking in classes. They write so smooth and they are so bright, colorful and fun!

7) Lilly Pulitzer Wristlet

One think I have found to be an essential in college (especially going to classes) are wristlets! They fit perfectly in my book bag or I can just carry it on my wrist (duh). I love it fits your phone along with some cash and cards . We have an Einstein’s Bakery on our campus so I usually need some cash to go there for a little pick me up.

8) Note Pads

I am constantly writing little notes and reminders to myself and this is a perfect set! Also, it is monogrammed and that is always a big plus!

9) Stationary

All southern ladies need to have some stationary, you never know when you will need to write a thank you  or just a thoughtful note!

10) Lunch Box

This is one thing that is on my list to get. Now that I am living in an apartment and buying expensive groceries I decided not to get a meal plan for this semester. But instead of spending even more money buying unhealthy fast food or something I need to just pack a lunch and eat it in the library while working on school work.

Well that is all for my back to school supply list! I hope it was helpful for ya’ll! have a great Tuesday!

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