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Dress (I also love this one)//Navy Wedges // Scalloped Monogrammed Purse

I must admit… I have loved working in an office this summer! But one thing is for sure, it can get mighty cold when you are just sitting at a desk. And that is where this dress comes in. I am in L-O-V-E with this adorable look! The 3/4 length sleeves are perfect for indoors (and will be great for spring and fall!). The material on the sleeves are only one layer of fabric so it gives you a little protection from the cold without making you too hot. The rest of the dress has a lining in it which I really like.

I think my absolute favorite part about this dress is the embroidery accents at the top, bottom, and on the sleeves. It gives it such a fun element. And the tassels of course… you can never go wrong with those! I actually got this dress from a super cute store called Boutique Of Molly based out of the UK. I love this look with my comfy navy wedges and my scalloped purse.

I have recently realized that I have a thing for navy. I was going through my closet and trying to clean out a bit and I swear to goodness it felt like half of my closet was navy or some form of darker blue! I am making it a point to consciously not buy navy when shopping… But it doesn’t always work out if we are being completely honest. With dresses as cute as this one how can you not?!

My parents got back into town last night after a 10 day trip, and I am so glad they finally got home! It is needless to say my weekend will be spent with them!

Have a good Wednesday!



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