Christmas Gift buying Savings Hacks

Y’all… Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. I can’t believe it is already December. I asked y’all a while back on my insta stories if you’d be interested in a post like this and I got an overwhelming yes to this!

So here are my personal hacks to Christmas shopping. Because let me tell you… this can get so expensive. Especially the fact that me and my future hubby need to save money like nobody’s business. Furniture and decor and wow… so much to do. So this year I am having to scale back on my budget (significantly) but I’m not ok with scaling back on the quality


This right here is my HOLY GRAIL. Y’all have no idea how big of a game changer this website it. So Jane sells items from boutiques and smaller shops but at such a discounted rate.  They honestly have everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry, decor items,  things for men and kids. This is really the one stop shop for all of your Christmas gift needs. The one thing that is good… or bad is that all of the items are online for a short time and you have to jump on it quick! I made the mistake of showing my best friend Jane… now I can’t buy ANYTHING for here from there because she will see it… and honestly probably bought it for herself already. Right now they have a little Christmas tree by each item that will make it in time for Christmas… So helpful!


2. Groupon

While Jane is a great way to find gifts for people some people prefer experiences. So for those people buy them an experience. Groupon has coupons for many things and you can search by city. So if you wanted some event in Atlanta, or Charleston, or even New York you can search for things in the city. Everything from events to restaurants. It really is a great resource to look through 


3. TJ Max

This is another one of my holy grail stores and I am sure everyone of you shop here… but you might have not thought about actually buying Christmas gifts from here. TJ Max’s back section has literally everything. It is the perfect location for getting cute little stocking stuffers. But I love giving more like themed gifts like a bath/spa or beauty theme gift bags with a couple of  different things that fit into the theme. I love giving these because there are a lot of things people could actually use! TJ Max is just a place you go and look every week and there are just so much you could get there, both big and small gifts


4. DIY

Making your own DIY homemade gifts are honestly the best. Yeah there are some…. ok maybe a lot that are cheesy but you can find some really great ideas. Like some fantastic sweet things that people will actually use. I am going to be making some homemade gifts for some of my friends this year. It is a great thing to either add on to a big gift or to give a smaller gift to someone. There are so many people that I love in my life and would really like to give them something to show my appreciation fro their friendship and I think this is the perfect way to do it!

I don’t know about you but I have 1,000,000 wine bottles. I have found so many absolutely adorable craft ideas for wine bottles on Pinterest. So I just looked up and created a secret board of all of the crafts and things I am going to make. I am going to try to get this done and have a post for y’all in a reasonable amount of time. This is way easier said than done considering that I have finals next week and then Christmas is practically here!


5. Baked Goods

This kinda does go along with the DIY but baked good are always welcomed. There are a sweet gesture for people in your life you appreciate. Baking a batch of cookies or mini pies or mini cakes would be such a great little thing to give. And a plus is that one batch will be enough to gift numerous people!



So I really hope none of my really good friends and family are reading this because this is probably where all of their gifts are coming from!


I really hope that this post helps y’all in your Christmas shopping. If you have any other tips and tricks please drop them in the comments! I am always looking for new ways to save money – especially now. 



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