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Monogrammed Purse

Hey ya’ll! The Fourth of July is coming up so soon. I feel like this summer is just flying by, I can’t believe it is already July! In a little over a month I will have to be back at school… But I’m not going to think about that yet!

So today I thought I’d show you the perfect patterned patriotic red white and blue dress! Not only is the pattern adorable but so is the cut of the dress. The low cutout back and the sleeves add a lot to the look and is very flattering! A lot of “fourth of July” and “patriotic” looks are overboard and you can only really wear on the fourth. Or you look a little too much like an American flag. And to me that is a lot of money to wear an outfit only once a year. One great thing about this look is that it isn’t only for this one holiday, I’ll wear it all throughout the summer! That is a win in my book.

My plans for this upcoming weekend has been up in the air all week, but we finally figured out what we are going to do. Working two jobs this summer made it impossible to go on any type of vacation. The company where I am doing my internship is closed for the fourth I have the fifth off too.  Every year for the fourth my whole mom’s family goes to the mountain house to celebrate the fourth and my nana’s birthday! This year my mom was thinking about taking me to the beach so I’ll get somewhat of a vacation… and it think everything might work out. If not then I can still make a short visit to Blue Ridge or just stay home for the few days I’m off.

But note to self…. do NOT wait till the last minute to try and book a place at the beach. especially the weekend of the fourth please learn from my mistake!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!


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