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Hey ya’ll!

Today I thought that I’d do something a little different. These might look familiar to you if you follow me on instagram. These are post I’ve made ranginging from a month or two ago to just a few days ago! I am trying to be better at posting on social media, specifically instagram but it has been a challenge. That is one of my summer goals, to be more active on social media. Anyway, here is a little insta recap and life update!


Similar Hello CardsSimilar NotepadStraws

Oh how I love Target!! But the best part by far is the dollar section (insert heart eye emojis). When I saw these there was no way I could not buy them! You never know when you’ll need to write a cute little “hello” card, well now I’m prepared!

IMG_1555 (1)_edited

Black One-piece Swimsuit

This year one of the big trends are one pieces, and I for one L-O-V-E them! So I actually bought one. I wanted one that cute but not too revealing and didn’t make me look like a mom. I love the cutouts, they give it such a young and feminine feel. I already made a blog post about it Here.


ShoesLarge Monogrammed Necklace, shorts out of stock

This was my outfit for dinner while at the beach. This is still one of my favorite shorts from last season, you might remember them from this bog post. I got them at a cute boutique in Columbus The Southern Pearl.


Monogrammed Purse

These are the BEST donuts… I don’t want to admit how many of these I ate during spring break and since I’ve been home for the summer. This scalloped monogrammed purse is my favorite for this season… but the donuts might be better!

Lilly Pulitzer CoolerJack Rogers

I LOVE this cooler! If you follow my posts then this will look familiar from my Market on Broadway post a couple of weeks ago. I use it every Saturday market days and when I go to the pool it is such a good size and it is easy to carry. And I have my jacks, which are my absolute favorite shoes ever if you weren’t aware.

I got a haircut a couple of weeks ago… And if you don’t post a picture did it really happen?? I got a lot off but all of my coworkers didn’t notice a change. I think it is a huge change, but whatever!

So I didn’t think it was possible…. But I have a new favorite starbucks drink! <3 A caramel frap with a shot of ristretto will always be a top contender especially when I need a big energy boost. This is the strawberry acai with lemonade instead of water. It is the perfect light and refreshing! Ok done with that rant now… But seriously you should try it!

I found this made for taking naps top from target, they were on point when I went, the next two pictures are from that same shopping trip… oops! This is actually loungewear and has matching boxer like shorts. I thought it was the cutest thing and I had to get it! It is perfect for me because I love getting home and changing into some casual comfy clothes… and napping!

I love the pool and go every chance I get and this is a picture from a pool day with my work bestie! I love this high neck swimsuit from target (shocker). But I also have my favorite monogrammed sunnies and monogrammed hat (I really don’t like monograms if you weren’t aware!)

I love note pads and writing down list and pretending I have my life together and that I am organized. I love how this one has every day of the week written out in one page where I can easily write everything down and see it in one place. And these pencils are pretty cute and they were in the dollar section too so I was like why the heck not! I think I had some pretty good purchases during that trip!

So now on to a huge decision I made a couple of months ago and am finally sharing. For a really long time I have been second guessing my major and going pre-med. I just wasn’t sure if that was the career me or not. That was the most stressful time. But I finally decided to take an aptitude test and go to the career center at my school. And I found out that my results were the exact opposite of what biology is. So after a lot of talking, thinking, research, and praying I finally decided to go in a complete opposite direction. I am officially Public Relations with a major in mass communications and I am thinking about getting a minor in marketing! However, this puts me a semester to a full year back.. which just adds even more stress.

I feel like a huge weight was lifted after I declared my major.

And as I have already posted I got an internship in my home town for the summer. I just completed my first week and I absolutely love it. But I am second guessing my decision of working two jobs and blogging!

That is all I have for today

Have a great week!!



  • Taylor June 13, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Love this post! All the pictures are so cute. Your style is absolutely lovely!

    Taylor |

    • Ansleigh June 13, 2016 at 2:52 pm

      Thank you Taylor, that means so much to me! 🙂

  • Marette @ Floradise June 13, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Congratulations on your big change! How exciting. 🙂

    • Ansleigh June 13, 2016 at 12:39 pm

      Thank you Marette, I am super excited! <3


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