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How adorbs is this top?!? I am so in love! And do you know what makes it even better? it is less than $10!! I was so hesitant to buy clothes from online. I ended up getting this top, two dresses, and a pair of earrings for like $40. It was super cheap! but you get what you pay for… one dress was a bit to short for me (still super cute, perfect for a cover up). On this top the button was sewed on the wrong side, but it was such an easy fix it wasn’t a big deal at all. The earrings are perfect! The last dress… it just doesn’t look good on me. Over all not too bad compared to the prices!

Now lets talk about the positives… this shirt! I love the high neck line and how it buttons at the top. There is a slit through the whole back so I wore a bandeau under. The good thing about the back is that the slit is still there and noticeable but it does not show off your entire back.. that is unless the wind is blowing!

As for the earrings… I bought these at Francesca’s and they are my second favorite pair! I love the double layer… and they are sparkly and gold! That is always a win in my book. I paired it with my white shorts and Jacks!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!


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