Laced-up Maxi

Gray Maxi //  Jean Jacket // Jack Rogers //Monogrammed Necklace

Happy Wednesday my sweet friends. I know it has been a hot minute since I’ve been back. The beginning of this school year has been crazy and blogging just had to take a little side step. But this little break has really inspired me and I have so many fun ideas and opportunities that have come my way! So you should be expecting a lot more of me babes!

I think I have found the perfect transition outfit into fall! Here in Georgia the temperature is still upper 80s and even 90 — please send help!!

I originally bought this dress from the cutest boutique in my hometown, The Blue Door Boutique – I have followed them forever but hadn’t really gone in their storefront. But for my NYC trip I wanted a comfortable outfit to wear to for one of the travel days. 

Let me just say that this dress is perfect in every way! It it probably the most comfortable dress I own, it feels like a t-shirt… or even more comfortable! The lace-up detail is so precious and give this dress a little extra femininity.

I love the knotting trend, I do it all the time to my tops and tanks. I have seen a couple of bloggers I follow knot their midi and maxi dresses. Personally I really liked the trend and it is perfect if your maxi is a little too long!

Jean jackets are frankly amazing!  They are the perfect way to take some of your more summery short sleeve items and transition them into fall. And they are perfect if you classes or work is cooler but it is still pretty warm outside (like it is here). To sum it up, jean jackets are a must!

This is just an easy put together look that I feel is very re-createable with things you probably already own.

I am so ready to get back in the blogging game and I am so excited for some of the upcoming plans I have!




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