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Similar Shearling Vest, shirt and top are out of stock, Riding boots

After a great weekend mondays are so hard. That is the hardest day for me to get up and wake up.. especially after you have been crazy stressed out… Note to self, don’t get sick in college. Because once you get sick even for a few days you have to spend the next two weeks trying to catch up on school work. So the past two weeks of my life have been summed up. This goes without saying, but I’m sorry for the brief disappearance, but of course school comes first.

So these pictures were taken like a week or two ago when it was ridiculously hot to be Feburary. Sometimes I like to try to make my Monday’s a bit better by actually dressing and not wearing yoga pants and a t shirt  (even though that sounds so comfortable right now). But I’ve had this skirt a few years ago and I still absolutely love it. I thought it this look needed a bit more umph and I loved how the vest paired with it.

I’m spending my monday morning making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (literally the best thing ever) before my one o’clock class!

Have a great monday!


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