Our Proposal Story


As many of you might have seen already… I GOT ENGAGED ON SATURDAY! 


This past week has just been a whirlwind of emotions. I was so shocked in the best of ways.

What people want to know when they find out I’m engaged 1) to see the ring (that ground is covered in the introduction pictures) and 2) how he asked. All of the other questions I get will have to be covered in a different post.


Y’all I’m not even kidding by saying it was the most perfect day. If you don’t know, my best friend/roommate is the AMAZINGLY talented photographer behind Brittany Leigh Photography. So she was there to capture every second of it!

So here it goes:

Brittany, Andrew and I had planned to take couple pictures for weeks, things just kept on coming up and had to get canceled and pushed back. 

But he came to visit me this past weekend and we’d plan to finally be able to take a couple on Saturday! So I got ready like I normally would for pictures and we headed out to the location.

Brittany was posing us and then had him stand behind me and then had me turn around to put my arms around him… and he was down on one knee!

Something you might should know, my sweet Andrew has gotten down on one knee jokingly numerous times before. After a couple of times I got slightly annoyed (as expected) and I made him pinkie promise not to do it again until the real thing. Of course he found a way around that and would pretend he was going down on one knee and not get completely down and hop up.

So the point of that is I thought he was kidding! I was like, what are you doing?

Then he pulled out a box and I realized he wasn’t kidding at all!

He slowly opened it up and told me how he has waited his whole life to find someone like me. How he is always lost in the moment with us. Asked me to make his dreams come true and marry him.

I had met the love of my life and knew it since we first got together – so of course I said yes!

It was honestly the most magical and absolutely perfect thing I have ever experienced and I am so glad that my best friend got to be such a big part of it. Also completely shocked that she didn’t give it away in the slightest!

We had both known for a while that we had found the person for us- we knew this was going to happen. We even went ring shopping together. But I was expecting it more around November or Thanksgiving.

My heart has been so full this past week. I never could have imagined that I could love someone this much – well yes I could. My parents have the most beautiful marriage and I’ve always known that was possible but God just needed to show me the right man. There are so many things I love and appreciate about him I can’t even begin to name them off. I am so excited to be able to marry the man who has exceeded my dreams

I have gotten an overwhelming amount of support throughout this past week that I am so beyond grateful for – I know that it shocked a lot of people. And something like this does come as a surprise to some of my family and friends – but God could have not blessed me more.


I am so happy to be able to share something so close to me heart with ya’ll – I am so thankful for all of my readers and I wish you the best





ps: here is me and my bff Brittany after the proposal and she took pictures!


pps. There is going to be a lot more wedding stuff coming to the blog! So be on the lookout!!




  • Sonya Boyd October 27, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Congratulations, Ansleigh, to you and Andrew!
    Wishing you much happiness and many blessings!

    • Ansleigh October 30, 2017 at 2:26 pm

      Thank you so much Sonya, that means so much to the both of us!

  • Marette Flora October 27, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Congratulations again! Beautiful photos.

    • Ansleigh October 30, 2017 at 2:27 pm

      Thank you so much sweet girl!!


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