Perfect Summer Sunglasses

Vineyard Vines Pull Over // J. Crew Shorts //  Nectar Mosa Sunnies 

Y’all… aren’t these Nectar sunglasses are the the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!?! If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories you have probably seen them. There are the only pair I wear now! I get comments on them all the time. These are so different than what I would normal buy for myself and I am obsessed. The frame shape is so unique and feminine. And of course the pink hue is just perfect!

I love this brand because if you completely destroy your glasses in the first 7 days they will replace it.. which is so awesome! This sounds like something I would totally do. But after that it comes with a warranty so if you destroy them after the 7 days you can completely replace them for only $15! I have gotten in the habit if buying cheaper sunglasses because I have destroyed too many from them being in the bottom of my purse. You would expect these to be pretty expensive given the warranty and  frankly how freaking adorable they are, but they are extremely reasonable for such quality. And they have so many different styles that you will for sure be able to find one you love!

Continuing with the pink, I love this Vineyard Vines pullover! I got it a couple of years ago at Christmas. Georgia weather for some reason is being extremely bipolar recently. So wearing a long sleeve top and shorts are perfect for this crazy weather lately, especially when my classes are freezing but it is blazing hot outside!

I. LOVE. THESE. SHORTS. J. Crew shorts are so comfy and have such great lengths. I am wearing the 3″  are great for the crazy hot summers we have in Georgia, but the 4″ are perfect for nicer look! They always have so many different colors and patterns, so perfect for any style you are looking for!

So I have had my first two classes of my maymester and I am slightly stressed.  We are fitting a 16 WEEK class into 16 DAYS… that isn’t supposed to happen.  I also am taking my last Spanish class online, I thought I’d be pretty easy… but there is a lot of work! But I’ll keep y’all updated on all of that! <3

Have a great hump day friends!


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