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Striped Sleeveless Blouse Similar Pink ShortsJack Rogers

Happy Monday!

I had a nice relaxing weekend doing absolutely nothing at all, but now I need to jump on all of my schoolwork…

I have officially found the perfect pinstripe top. It is such a preppy and classy piece! The ruffles are just enough without making you look like a two year old.. which is always a fear of mine. This top can go with so many things I think white pants would also look great for a more simple look. But colored shorts (or pants) will be so much brighter and fun. And of course now that it is summer again my gold Jack Rogers will be my go to shoes, they honestly go with about everything I own..

Considering the statement is at the top I thought I’d do simple jewelry and something a little different with my hair. I am not normally good with doing different styles with my hair, I usually just dry it and go. So today I decided to just put it up in a clip for something different.

Luckily I have a pretty easy week but that could change in a second! Have a great week Y’all!


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