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Blanket ScarfGreen PikoSimilar Fringe BootiesDistressed Jeans,  Bracelet

Hey y’all!

So today I am going to share with y’all one of my absolute favorite outfits EVER! I honestly don’t even want to admit how much I wear this. Whenever I go out or have anything that I need to look cute but still super casual this is my go to. I love those key outfits you have that if you need to be somewhere and don’t have time to put an outfit together on the spot but can throw this on and still look completely and simply put together… but if you are like me, that is usually the only thing that is put together!

To begin with pikos are already so comfortable and as for jeans go these distressed ones are as good as it gets… But the best part is the scarf! It keeps you warm enough but not to the point of sweating. And with blanket scarves they look better with hair in a pony or bun or put up in some way.. so do you really even need to shower and fix your hair? The answer to that question is no by the way.

Although I do love dressing in uncomfortable fabulous heel that give me blisters and skirts that when I eat I think I might actually break. This is a nice  break sometimes.. well actually yoga pants are a nice break but this is a close second!

Sorry for all of my rambling today. Have a great wednesday loves! XOXO


***Much thanks to Blphotography for the amazing pictures! <3

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