The Cookie Swap

Oh My Gosh.. It is so close to Christmas and I am so excited for all of the traditions we have… and I am especially excited to share this post with y’all!

So every year for the past 4 years me and my mom (mainly my mom) host a cookie swap! This is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. So the point of a cookie swap is a) to rack up some awesome sweet treats right before Christmas b) it is just fun! So you bake a dozen cookies for each person attending and an extra dozen for tasting. There were six of us so I ended up with 5 dozen cookies (excluding mine). we taste all of them and judge them on most creative, best tasting, and best looking. Then we usually have a few little games with prizes. This year we decided to have everyone bring an appetizer since it was at 11:00. Here are a few pictures I snapped at the swap!

First of course the cookies:



Melt-in-your mouth pumpkin cookies, double chocolate caramel cookies, snickerdoodles


Red velvet and white chocolate, brownie cookies


Chocolate strawberry cookies, Almond cookies (These were mine)



Now on to the delish appetizers


Cresent wrapped brie with apples and crackers (I made this)


goat cheese and onion tarts (my absolute favorite!)




This is the best punch and it is so easy! All it has is gingerale, white grape juice, and sparkling cider

Here are a few pictures of the table scape






Here are the voting cards. How cute are they?! And they match the invitations.  There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest.

I hope this inspired ya’ll to have a cookie swap of your own! I promise you will have a great time, and it is a perfectly easy event to host!

Have a great Monday!


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