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Similar Dress, Shoes (also LOVE these)

Hey Ya’ll!

School has officially started for me… I can’t tell if I am happy or sad about it. This summer has been absolutely crazy and I havn’t been on any type of a schedule. That is one thing I really do like about being back, it makes blogging so much easier. Another positive is that I am finally taking my major classes after a mid-college crisis and I completely changed my major. So on that note I am really excited for this year and what all it has to offer. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on all of that throughout this year!

 Here in Georgia we still have at least a month or two before the cold weather hits us (unfortunately)… It has been ridiculously hot here… like 95 every day still! I’m not gonna lie.. I am really excited for sweater weather. But I will try to get a couple of transition outfits up soon!

So onto today’s look. I wore it a couple of weeks ago to a wedding I attended. It has such a classic cut and feel but is still trendy! The high neck is my favorite part, it really adds an element of elegance… and it gives me an excuse to put my hair up!

I love finding pieces and designers that pay attention to the details and has a more unique feel and isn’t a repeat of what everyone else is wearing. That is one of the many reasons I love shopping at boutiques, they really have quality unique pieces to offer.

What is your favorite boutique?



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