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Today I thought I’d help you last minute shoppers out there with the perfect Marley Lilly monogrammed gifts for that monogrammed lover in you life (or just a gift for yourself)… Christmas always sneaks up on me when it comes to gifts! But These will all come by the 24th if you get expedited shipping! YAY! And the good thing is all of these items have multiple color options and monogram fonts!


This yoga mat is to die for! I don’t really do yoga now but if I had this mat I would probably sign up for a class…. maybe. This is a perfect gift for new year’s resolutions


This monogrammed Jackie bracelet is so perfect! You have probably seen it in like… all of my post for the last month. It is so cute and goes with almost anything! This would be a gift that wouldn’t disappoint, even if they aren’t a big bracelet wearer.


I don’t know about ya’ll (I might just be an old lady) but I LOVE my bath robe. I use it every single morning. My hair needs to air dry for at least 15 mins before I use a blowdryer and if I wear my pj’s then they just get wet and sometimes they aren’t dry by the time I put them on the next night. And it is perfect for just getting ready in general.


I am in love with this key chain! A) it has a tassel and B) it is monogrammed… need I say more?


State outlines have become so popular over these past few years. and I see why! this just a perfect simple everyday necklace.. and it shows off your state pride!


This tassel cross body purse is darling! It is perfect for going to an event that isn’t really dressy but you don’t want to lug around your  everyday purse!


As it already says… I am obsessed with this tassel necklace. I have been eyeing it for weeks and I am probably going to purchase it after the holidays (depending on my mulla situation)!


In my apartment me and my roomies have at least 30 tumblers, it is essential in our house! They are just perfect.. you can put hot or cold drinks in there and take it to class. This would be a great gift for anyone on your nice list!

Well that is all for today! Be sure to be on the lookout for some exciting new posts on the blog! 😉


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