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It is so close to the weekend… Thank goodness! *insert praising hand emoji*

I am so glad it is finally summer and the weather is starting to get warmer. And warmer weather means bright colors! I love this neon yellow dress.. but I do kinda feel like a stop sign! It is just so bright. But I love how strappy top is, it is just so fun. I thought by putting a kimono over it would help 1) with the cooler weather in the morning ( and in classes) and 2) it could help make me look less like a stop light.

This is my favorite and only kimono! I love the colors and the pattern. But my favorite part is definitely the tassels at the end. I though this was a great color combination with the neon yellow dress. And I finished it off with a scalloped monogrammed purse and white wedges.

My weekend is going to be spent doing a ton of school work, next week is going to be a crazy one! What are your plans for this weekend?


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