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I’m so excited that (based off my Instagram story poll) an overwhelming amount of ya’ll wanted wedding updates! I just think this is going to be so fun to share this experience with y’all.

 I’m not really sure how often this series of wedding update post will be. When I was on Insta stories I said it would probably be every two weeks. But I started writing this post on Monday… and then there were so many more decisions we have made just this week. Needless to say I had to add a lot more information. I guess it’ll just depends on how much planning we make during that week and of there is anything new to tell you about!

So if you didn’t know already, my Fiance, Andrew, is in the army… and that is enough to talk about in 10 posts. But today I am going to focus on the fact that I am about to be an Army wife and how that plays a role in wedding planning… and just everyday life

Army life is so very different than being a civilian. In the time I have known Andrew that has been made completely apparent!

If you saw my Instagram story this past Monday then you already heard that Andrew and I made a lot of big decisions this past weekend.

So before I get into everything I need to give you a little background on Andrew. He has been in the Army for around 3 years and re-enlisted a couple of months before we met. When you re-enlist you can pretty much chose where you want to be relocated… Or from what I understand, I am honestly confused half of the time we talk about work stuff. Anyways, being the adventurous person he is (and of course before he had met me) re-enlisted for a base in Germany… like the other country, not a city named Germany.

This has been something we have known since we first got together. Thankfully Andrew was really transparent about it. But once we realized that we were the one for each other we really had to have a serious talk about it. This had to happen way earlier compared to a normal relationship. I won’t deny that his is looming March Germany move has sped up this process a little more than if he wasn’t about to move halfway across the world.

But with the Army you never know what is going to happen. Things change a couple of times a week. For a while we thought that he was going on deployment, then we were pretty sure he was, then that changed and now we are at the point where we know he is going to Germany. He is trying to get into a different unit which would keep him in the states. But it might be to late for that, actually there is a pretty big possibility that this won’t be an option.

 And this past weekend we had to have some serious conversations. We are in a state of limbo, we don’t know if he is going to be able to stay here or go to Germany. 

So finally I’m getting to our decision: we said that we are preparing for Germany and hoping for staying here. We are 1000% sure we want to get married before he goes to Germany for numerous reasons – the main one obviously because we are madly in love with each other. 

This past weekend we decided that we’d get married sometime in February 2018 and we’d just have to figure it out together as a married couple. This is definitely going to be pretty darn difficult but we know in the end it will make us stronger.

This weekend I am going home and we are (hopefully) going to pick out our venue and put the deposit down. Y’all like NOTHING else can happen until we have a venue and know our wedding date. That is the goal for this weekend. I’ll probably be updating everyone on Insta Stories. You’re welcome! 😉

I just got confirmation that I have a tour for one venue today at 4:45… So I am going to have to rush out of class and head straight to the venue. I have another tour on Sunday and I am waiting for a couple more venues to get back to me. At this point if they don’t return my message then I’ll just have to skip them because we don’t have time to wait till next weekend to book.

So with that being said – Andrew has training all day Sunday. I am trying my hardest to get tours today and tomorrow so he can have a say in the venue. I know he’ll be fine as long as I like it, but I want his opinion of course. 


SO what if he goes to Germany you ask:

1) I am going to stay in school where I currently am. but that point I will have a little over a semester left of college.

2) I’ll just go there during the summer and stay in Germany with him

3) Come back to the states to finish my last semester and graduate in December

4)after graduation go and live in Germany with my husband… like a normal married couple



So what if he ends up getting to stay in the states (tbh that is most likely not happening):

1) I’m not going to drop out of school – duh

2) I might transfer so I can live with my husband (again, like a normal married couple)… but it really all depends if classes will transfer and if not then I’ll finish out here.


I feel like I was long winded but I hope I got my point across and you kinda understand our unique and slightly stressful situation.

This is why a lot of army couples 1) get married a little quicker and 2) aren’t normally able to have an actual wedding and just go to the courthouse. They don’t know where they are going to be in a year.

So I know that was a lot of army and relationship crap and not so much actual wedding planning.. But I felt like that is pretty important to know so you understand our timeline and get why this has to move so fast.

 So I guess I will give y’all an update of this weekend next Friday!

Even though this is a really unique situation, I’ve been lucky enough to have so much support. I honestly could have not imagined such wonderful people to be surrounded by.

I am so excited and blessed to be sharing all of this with y’all!





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