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Yellow Romper, Navy Shoes, Similar Necklace

Happy FriYAY!

ok, so who doesn’t love rompers? That is what I thought. This is one of my recent purchases and I just had to share!

I have been told that yellow is not my color… so I usually try to stay away from it as much as possible, which is hard sometimes! But when I saw this romper  I had to buy it, even if it wasn’t a good color on me. There are so many elements about this look that makes it different than other rompers I’ve seen. I really like finding items that are still trendy but have something different that every other person isn’t talking about.  For this one I think the white detailing really adds an extra fun and different element to this look. The little frills on the sleeve and shorts makes it so flirty and girly. The longer sleeves are always a plus for me, going out to eat in a cold restaurant and makes it wearable when it starts to get colder.

(As I talked about in my last post) I recently discovered I really like navy blue but I think this blue and yellow looks so great paired together. I usually keep my jewelry pretty simple and wear gold or silver…  But with yellow you really need another pop of color to balance it out.

My last day at my serving job is today and I am really excited. My last week home before returning to school I’m going to (hopefully) catch up on some blogging and spend some much needed time with my family! What are ya’ll doing this weekend?

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